SEPHIRA Lyrics & Promo Release

The young african/japanese/native american MC giving you guys a taste of what's to come of the next album: Cel-Man Iller spitting the first verse of his new hit song "SEPHIROTH" The beat is a trap remix of "One Winged Angel" "Straight up out the kettle, straight up out the kether. What its gone take…Read more SEPHIRA Lyrics & Promo Release


Smooth Panther Pt. 2 Lyrics

Cel-Man Iller, Tha Immortal Chorus: My coat is smooth haters Smack that nigga in his mouth Im back with new Ape clips No matter whatchu talmbout My mood is too phaseless Always get my full amounts Dont screw with rate snake pits My coat is smooth, pampered My coat is smooth, panther The Dreadsperado anthem…Read more Smooth Panther Pt. 2 Lyrics