SEPHIRA Lyrics & Promo Release

The young african/japanese/native american MC giving you guys a taste of what's to come of the next album: Cel-Man Iller spitting the first verse of his new hit song "SEPHIROTH" The beat is a trap remix of "One Winged Angel" "Straight up out the kettle, straight up out the kether. What its gone take…Read more SEPHIRA Lyrics & Promo Release


Have the Perfect Summer Song? Get Featured in Evver’s Music Library

Hoping to get added to the @evverapp music library this summer! #SummerAnthem #ReverbNationOpportunities

Water Guns w/ Gremlin

Dre The Gremlin of Detroit's Odd Little Fucks released the demo to his upcoming EP "UGLY" 's single "Water Guns". The beat was done by YouTube music producer "Yates". The songs strong points are about bringing up the topic of gun violence right after our Orlando, Fl shooting. "I forgot about that..." Was all Dre…Read more Water Guns w/ Gremlin