SEPHIRA Lyrics & Promo Release

The young african/japanese/native american MC giving you guys a taste of what's to come of the next album: Cel-Man Iller spitting the first verse of his new hit song "SEPHIROTH" The beat is a trap remix of "One Winged Angel" "Straight up out the kettle, straight up out the kether. What its gone take…Read more SEPHIRA Lyrics & Promo Release


Birthing Witches (Babies Mama) Lyrics

Listen to Cel-Man Iller, Tha Immortal - Birthing Witches (Babys Mama) [Produced By Zakum 41] by Cel-Man Iller/Zakum 41 #333 on #SoundCloud Cel-Man Iller Verse 1: Roll up on your baby's mama Spit a little symphony, huh?! Got her riding on my tongue and now shes sitting lyricially Oh my God, I'm feeling sprung,…Read more Birthing Witches (Babies Mama) Lyrics