Get a Month-Long Promotional Campaign from RMG

Just submitted new music to RMG Artist Development! Hoping to score a promo campaign! #ReverbNationOpportunities

Score a Complimentary Mix & Master from Cris de Almeida Media

Hoping to be selected for free mix and mastering from @dealmeidamusic! #ReverbNationOpportunities

Truly Amazing

You guessed it! We woke up on THIS morning to find us bumped up on the charts to #6! We also set up another site for Cel on ReverbNation, check it out and let us know how it's operating for you. We would like to solve any problems as soon as possible, due to the…Read more Truly Amazing

Official TWELVE Music Video DISCLAIMER: PARTIAL/BRIEF NUDITY, DRUG/SUBSTANCE ABUSE/EXPLICIT LYRICS Director/Editor/Video: Terrell Groggins Writer/Music/Performer/Stylist: DeAngilo Willis "The first time I saw it, the brightness was completely down on my phone and I didnt realize...but omg...Watched that ish one mo geen with the brightness up...this is a #CinematicMasterPiece " -Cel-Man Iller TWELVE by Cel-Man Iller (Artist/Writer/Producer/Performer/Stylist) & Terrell…Read more Official TWELVE Music Video

Cel on the cover of That’s Dope

If you are in Miami, New York or California and linked into That's Dope Media's leads, then you got a first hand dose of CEL-MAN thanxXx a lot guys! 333