Tiphereth & Yesodz

Cel-Man Iller released his clothing line catalog this morning on a new IG account, registered as @DREADSPERADO
Photography by: Terrell Groggins (My Art My Rules) & DeAngilo Legion-Willis)

Follow the campaign and share the pics! Place your orders with CelManPromotions@Gmail.com & ZaqSombe@Gmail.com
What’s with the names?

With a strong affinity with the Sephirot tree, I plan to create the first “Civilian Super suit” model after the Image of the tree.

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So, we have “Kether Crowns” which is my hat label. “Tiphereth Apparel” which are the shirts, jackets, and mainly torso protection.

“Yesodz” are jeans & “Malkuth’s” are shoes.

The point of all them are to create “Holy Armors” Bold, fashionable, comfortable clothing that service a purpose for “the artist” “the engineer” by providing clothing that helps hold tools of the trades. 

Some of our clothes have a purpose for being “prepared at all times” whether it means survival or just working.

 You feel better and work better when you can come to work with a fashionable uniform, well these are “unique-forms” stay business-casual and sexy! (DeAngilo Legion-Willis)

Zaq Sömbé


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