Congratulations Kon Kyoshi!
You have been selected for the #OnlyNDetroit Mixtape!


If you don’t know about Kon Kyoshi’s art, we had a chance to catch up ourselves recently: “ I go by the name Kon Kyoshi. I’m a multi faceted artist from Baltimore; photographer, videographer, graphic designer, producer/rapper and much more. When it comes to rap, my music can be a wide range from deeply introspective to braggadocio. My production sampling tends to pull from video game and anime soundtrack composers such as Yoko Kanno and Yoko Shimomura; This provides an interesting blend of Hip-Hop, Japanese aesthetics and modern electronic trends, additionally carried by the stories I convey.”

May 4th dawned his “Personal Nothin” EP, constructed of sample from the phenomenal rpg “Persona 5.″ Featuring Hip Hop, R&B, Alternative & Jazz influences. A very different yet infectious voice to become acquainted with.
We begin this audio journey into Kon’s mentality with the track “Wake Up” it starts off the complete opposite of how it ends up. One of the fundamental elements that transitions us into what to expect from the rest of the EP.

Her take a listen to it here:

Last Project:

Music Video:

SoundCloud is where you’ll find all of his music:


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