The DREADSPERADO Campaign Has Taken Flight

(Status Report 1)
[Phototgraphy: My Art My Rules (Terrell Groggins); Graphic Design: Mitsurugi Kazumaru (DeAngilo Legion-Willis), Toughness Emperor; Author: DeAngilo Legion-Willis]
DREADSPERADO appeared on the scene in late 2016, announced via the collectives front-man; facebook. Cel-Man Iller begin leaking hints on the team and dropping tracks for the general public to begin to get familiar with the sound and brand, coming out of Metro-Detroit.
In early 2017, the team released an album titled “ACTION BASTARD” & a mixtape entitled, ” White.Chocobo’s.Hate.Black.Materia” The album was originally released on the groups Bandcamp website for $7.99 USD.
It was a short 7-track album which recieved a ton of attention after it was reviewed fully and posted on the website. Since, it has been re-released on major music store sites with an additional two tracks.
The “W.C.H.B.M” mixtape was released on the teams bandcamp site as well but the project was distributed for free across many platforms including but not limited to: DatPiff, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, Facebook, AudioMack and Youtube. This was also fully reviewed and had front page advertisement on Since we can’t rely strictly on our online presence for sales, we usually tend to get the word out through the streets and greatfully a dedicated Street team (BooChun & The Bearded Warrior podcasts’, Elevation Mind Studio’s & more)
Since, our Instagram campaign has rapidly gained followers and is growing by the hour, we are now at 22.7K. The team has been contacted by Afton Booking personally and were contracted for miniture touring around the Metro-Detroit area. Though Cel-Man Iller is still under the watchful eye of Mind Elevation Studio’s, My Art My Rules & Pro Bo Records.
(Left to right, Dre Tha Gremlin & Cel-Man Iller, Tha Immortal)
The products are avaialable on almost all platforms and are continuing to search for expansion into all networks. 2 live shows have been confirmed with the team after reached out to the team for representation. March 23rd of 2017 will marque the debut of the collective. Media has been invited to attend the Club Bleu extravaganza. Tickets are being sold via the groups afton page for $10 USD and a door fee of $15.
My Art My Rules is a photography project run by Cel-Man Iller’s manager, Terrell Groggins. He has chronicled the uprise of Cel since 2014 when the duo released a plethura of HD visual campaigns with YouTube which actually grew more natural views and responses on the Facebook page with 2K views within a week.
(Cel-Man Iller, Tha Immortal @ Wayne State University for the Clear Soul Forces show; sporting and smoking with his Cali Ring – – )
Our ReverbNation chart spots are chronicled as well. With each project we have released, we have maintained a #1-#3 spot for long periods of time until our next project is released which still helps us generate even more spots online.
The team has work published on MTV, SXSW, Afro-Punk, HipHopHeads, Hype Machine, Coast2Coast Mixtapes, iBlackGuyRadio, Loft&Lost, The Re-Up Spot, That’s Dope Media, Luddite Stereo, Beats Pill, The Over Seer’s World, My Art My Rules, Mixtape Monkey and the groups official sites.
Danny Brown even shouted out Cel-Man Iller on his personal twitter, both he and Dope Head from Bruiser Brigade follow the campaign We are sending this newsletter out for potential venture capitalisms and advertisement for great awareness. We feel we have a calling and with the the right backing, we believe we are an unstoppable force.
(There is also talk of the group getting contacted by 50 Cent’s A&R team. The group is currently looking for a very solid and very progressive recording deal, funded touring and lucrative product placement.)
The groups brands within DREADSPERADO include, Clothing & Accessories, Art (Paintings, Graphic Design, Digital Media, Music production and recording) Song Writing, Journalism, Therapies, Spiritual Practice (Altar Decor),Medicinal Marajuana (Culinary & Catering),  Logo’s & Trademarks, Voice Acting, Theater, & that only covers a small portion of what the team offers.
(From left to right (Tyler -OLF-, Clear Soul Forces -Group-, Merch Music & Cel-Man Iller -back, right corner-
As for the future of the group, the collective has spoken about working on their new projects with emerging artists such as Nolan The Ninja, Clear Soul Forces, KBondatrack, HOR Gawds, and many more recognized acts from the Metro-Detroit area.
“The ultimate goal is to bring Art to Life with a new meaning. If you dig it then stay tuned to bare witness in the near future. If you don’t dig it we try harder.” – Cel-Man Iller

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