Declares Cel-Man Iller The Best Rapper In Detroit

If your a music lover that knows about Reddit then you probably know about /hiphopheads. Their official website gave us an entire review for both “ACTION BASTARD” & “W.C.H.B.M” declaring Cel-Man Iller, the best rapper in Detroit.


Detroit hip-hop collective DREADSPERADO stands up on the lo-fi and gritty projects Action Bastard and W.C.H.B.M.

Fronted by Cel-Man Iller, the collective is packed with a variety of artists, all adding their unique artistic spirit to develop a new style across both projects. At first glance, the projects are both heavily inspired by video games, trap beats, and grimy lo-fi bars. Each track is also a showcase of the talent and chemistry coming out of the Metro-Detroit area. It’s time to stop sleeping, give the projects a spin, and get familiar with the DREADSPERADO collective so you can say “I knew them when.”

Read the entire review here:


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