Action Bastard & W.C.H.B.M Pre-Orders Start Now

Another update, you will now be able to make pre-orders at our bandcamp site starting tonight for both the Action Bastard & White.Chocobo’s.Hate.Black.Materia albums. The album drops on January 27th with loads of features from many well-known artists as well as introducing a new sale feature on the site where you can purchase all the bandcamp albums for 35% less than the normal costs! With this release, we are proud to announce, these two albums will be featured on Pandora Radio for the DREADSPERADO Station! Come by and fan us! Both albums are $7.99.

Action Bastard was a piece of work that I wanted to use to relate with the customer and fan to allow them to see the more “live” side of me; whereas W.C.H.B.M is a project that carries the same overall essence and atmosphere, but with a content change of a more metaphysical perspective involved. Both will surely be 2017 hard-hitters! Everyone should be placing orders and on the look out for the new drops in 2 days. In the meanwhile, feel free to stop by the bandcamp to download the new PBMHLP Vol.1 tape, hosted by Asian Barbie!


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