The spirit of the African is strong & beautiful…

Everything was vibrant of color, love, ethnicity & sound as we got closer to Wayne State University in Midtown Detroit these past two days. Merchants languish the streets, corner to corner; street to street. From Lazuli Lapis & Crystal Quartz wand necklaces from Afghanistan to natural body oils from Saudi Arabia; you could find some of the most fascinating pieces at each vending tent.

I stopped in at a couple & spoke with the locals about their favorite spots at the fest and even met some travelers from out of state and the country. Most of the attention was on the main stage this Friday where many musical guest performed poetry, dance, song, and the African native “News Rap.”

Though, since the moment my crew had arrived at the festival, I developed a blistering bump on the tip of my tongue. This wouldn’t stop me from achieving my goal of helping the native ancients by expressing true & free love to better establish a trusting & solidified foundation as per, the basis of our overall peoples’, depressive status.

Spirit, soul, mana, energy, vibrations, chakra’s, WHATEVER! Whatever it was, it was present and heavy in the air of the crowd. Just writing, filming & promoting these people with this one act of random kindness has helped my spiritual development, if that wasn’t enough. This opportunity helped me identify with myself even more.



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