A More In Depth Look At The Trilogy “TWELVE” By Cel-Man Iller, Tha Immortal & Mind Elevation Studio’s; Terrell Groggins


Within this gallery are visual sets in theme’s. The theme was based off the song, Twelve which was produced using FL Studio by myself; in association with Mind Elevation Studio’s Founder and CEO, with Cel-Man Iller, Tha Immortal. The theme I like to invision is the rebirth and rebuild of man. Shot in the industrial area’s of Downtown Detroit and Southwest Detroit, where Terrell and I shot footage for the music video’s for “2 Lipped, Electric Piano & TWELVE (Which is why his attire is the same in all 3 of the videos which were shot in a trilogy series.)”

My favorite “Style” of most things have to coorelate with each other in some way. With the video for 2 Lipped I introduced the underground lyricist known as “Cel-Man Iller” and myself, no other. This song was created with the hatred I had for the lack of respect to music as of recently and tries to hold on to and show that Detroit is where the best music is coming from right now and that’s not with me alone!

Electric Piano was produced for the sole purpose of a remix contest of an old J Dilla joint, with this essence in my music I felt I was showing my city that Detroit has a banging music scene! The way I remixed it was an experiment of it’s own, so I figured I’d follow suit with experimental visual shots for the video.
TWELVE holds a lot more meaning to me than anyone konws. TWELVE wasn’t originally named TWELVE, but what it stood for was the La Vagabundo song which was my first real recorded studio track, never released. Twelve has many meanings behind it that one would have to open their mind completely to understand it, but their all ties to the all powerful.

Twelve 0′ Clock, meaning it’s time for me to awaken some people who have been asleep. See, my belief is that, for a man to change his surroundings with the best of intent, he would have to have some sort of appeal to the world that would draw people together. This was my aim with the chorus, “Come vibe with me, my fucking number is 12, and if you want to vibe with me, let’s go…” The visuals of the song are a sexual, drug abusive, scenario when individuals with liked minds get together and what you expected to be a normal gathering turns into your possible worse nightmare of a horrible meth and acid trip.

This was also a reference to my last relationship which was as such. The message spewed through with Terrell Groggins capturing these testaments as I dwelled in the slums of southwest and Downtown Detroit. I believe my cause is nothing but pure in “The way” which is the path my words take me in my voyage of life. This is what it means to, “Do your homework first.”



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