Water Guns w/ Gremlin

Dre The Gremlin of Detroit’s Odd Little Fucks released the demo to his upcoming EP “UGLY” ‘s single “Water Guns”. The beat was done by YouTube music producer “Yates”. The songs strong points are about bringing up the topic of gun violence right after our Orlando, Fl shooting. “I forgot about that…” Was all Dre could say when confronted about it. None the less the song swells with a more evolved artist than the Ace English/Chuthulu we know from before. This chorus like a Gucci Mane lyric talk about how fun it is to mindlessly “shoot for fun” when guns have no “violent” elements.

The “UGLY” EP is expected to be dropped sometime in July this summer.

Young Chuthulu got a hot summer ahead of him so follow him on his twitter @DeadCabbagez & his Instagram @THEMFGRMLN

He and his crew OLF have upcoming shows as well with my cousin Weazle so stay tuned!



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