In My Zone Lyrics

Listen to In My Zone [Reproduced By Zakum 41].mp3 by Cel-Man Iller/Zakum 41 #333 on #SoundCloud

Cel-Man Iller


Im in my zone

Im in my zone yeah

Im in my zone

Im in my zone here

A little cold

A little warm


Injured my tone

Complexion boned


Im in my zone

Im in my zone yeah

Im in my zone

Im in my zone here

A little cold

A little warm


Injured my tone

Complexion boned


Verse 1:

Now im,

Heading to the dark side

Looking for the bright light

Seeking through the radio

Physologicaly, im of subconscious

Psyche is chronically, egos collasus

Am i reptilian?

Shedding the old, to acquire the poteums spirism

Knowledge is infinite

Rocking my old cause its new to the publics experience


all me the Dom.

Dom Cornerio.

I keep that soft, cause the powder come in kilos

Dipping in the sauce, gotta powder frito

Keeping this dick in the mouths of these hos

Living out a uhaul, loud with


Really wish i knew how to stop and freeze time

Only thing i rep is the D, breathe Esham

Poe, Natas, Eminem, to Big Sean


Verse 2;

Come into this bitch like liquid

Cel-Man the seimens explicit

Nothing but a set back, Hermes intercepted

Witness and uplift omniptence

Coming to these priest like Jesus

Hell naw breeze brought me sneezes

Blessed all ya’ll stingy fingers

Cant count on none my fingers

I a

int got no fam less homies

Thats real fucked up

Disbanded all my old things

For that last sick


That battle handled one way

Been since day one

And now im back to only masturbation

Im in my zone chorus off beat


Verse 3:

Wreckless with letting the lead let it speak for me. Got Osiris a virus with self inflicted injuries. Bullets flying, let off, when whats said is read lyrically. Undenying whats the underlining legend mystery, bitch.

Weapons expressing your nature bitch, please. Flexing detected, im legendary.

Nexus the texture ;my necklace; as I-C

As fuck, and i imitate the valid lightly.

Verse 4:

Im here with confessions to lessen the diameters of my woes. With leverage. With vengence. A spirit with fear in his soul. Deception depicted dependant on weather i go. Dimensions that lie in the balance as malicous grows.

Poetic connections in lyrical serial codes

Contageous this brain is contained, caged & quarentined.

Dont let a defective, conception, convey what you know

Im letting you know the mental in the murder capital

Verse 5:

Babies mama, lawsuit, common problems, in my line of work

I aint got no types of time to baby sit no mirelurks

Crabby and grumpy, this situation is nothing, ive been from space and came back. Found an escape to save data. When the time comes to reload it.

No cheat codes needed, guns reloaded

No means no, may the peace be holed in

Eye ball twitched, and the quick draws blowing

Babies mama’s, lawsuits, common problems in my line work

Babies mama’s
Babies mama’s




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