Gothic Vs Satanic Lyrics

Listen to Cel-Man Iller, Tha Immortal – Gothic Vs Satanic Ft, DAVID FUCKIN LIVOUS DAWG & Dre Tha Gremlin [Produced By Zakum 41] by Cel-Man Iller/Zakum 41 #333 on #SoundCloud


David F Livous D:


Cel-Man Iller:

Jesus please take the wheel

Blind folded I stroll through the flock of lambs and black sheep will not trap me in no scandals. I reach for my savior, UH!

Jesus please take the WHEEL!

No triple 6’s on my skin

No brands just ink from Cel-Man…

Piercings from Zakum.

Verse 1 (David F Livous D)

Jesus please take the wheel

I’m losing serious sex appeal

Got regret in search of thrills

Drug addictions, missing meals

Wondering if this mission filled

Hope this dope holds tonight and this 40 keeps me right

Maybe God can hear my plight

God knows I’m too weak to fight

Hope this heroin takes my life

Jesus please take the wheel

Slenderman, full on pills

By 9 a.m I’m feeling ill

(A) Sorry look (that) I can’t conseal

Matching teeth

Brimstone smell

Guess my lifes a living hell…


Verse 2:

Cel-Man Iller:


Dark as yo mama’s crotch is

Problems (?), with it

Drown them

In the bottom

Of a bottle








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