Cel Speaking On “Rap Mentallity”

Let us know a thing or two about the rap game over @ the Instagram page here:

Www.CelManIller.Co.Nr Www.cel-maniller.bandcamp.com Www.soundcloud.com/celmaniller Www.mtv.com/artists/cel-man-iller Www.theoverseersworld.tumblr.com #rappersbelike "Rapper" sounds like a term the black community would invent to charade their feelings due to the fact that our country has a system that destroys all black progression and winds us up in the prison system where they get their gang mentality which in turn makes the "hard" attempting to over power their weakness known as emotions. Thus being said…rappers are so ignorant…so we can not blame them for it due to the injustices on your race…the presidents up to this point have to be groomed with military and christian backgrounds…Trump is ALL money…MEANING our country will not be based on much unionizations as much as power now…he is a brat with a wallet…what do they tend to do when in power? #riot #revolt #revolution #unionized #rappers #persident #donaldtrump #government #christianity #powerstruggle #video #cel_man_iller @Cel_Man_Iller #333 #my_art_my_rules @my_art_my_rules_ @whxtewxtch99 @envy_hart @deadcabbagez @zacpoizun @common @talibkweli @davechappelle @activist @flow

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“As I turn my back to America, I catch a glimpse of future chaos…I stepped in the door…”
-Cel-Man Iller, Tha Immortal



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