Cel-Man Iller, Tha Immortal – Pheonix Never Heard (Music Video) Ft, Flatbush Zombies

Cel-Man Iller, Tha Immortal – Pheonix Never Heard Ft, Flatbush Zombies

“This was written soon after ‘Whip It’ was released. I was so amped about the production and getting it to the people. Time lapsed and it (the song) wasn’t getting the attention and hype I felt it deserved. In my heart, I knew I had become more powerful with my forces in my music and art but self promotion doesn’t help without the peoples willingness to experience the new.

Out of no where, i began gravitating more audience through my Instagram and SoundCloud campaign. While on SoundCloud, looking for instumentals and inspiration, i came across “Dat Instrumental” by Flatbush Zombies and just started wigging out. The energy of the beat fed my calling to reach out for more understanding of my art.

The title came from this. Always feeling like the answer to todays entertainment relavence, a burning passion for rebirth but the Pheonix was never heard. Nothing can stop the Pheonix and it’s nature.


Here we go…

Verse 1:

My Holy whip is silent
Did not cry, when it died and
Deck of cards got Crystal Castles, Gundam battles, radiation, different cattle, richtors rattle.
No respect for satanic hellions
Nobody can mess with the disrespectful stench of Cel-Man.
Infinity affinaties
Feel it in your feet
Disc, the new disease
It’s as easy as “Hey” to Zzzz’s
Lightning, M-80’s inside of a gripped arm
Dying for King Midos as long as you all can balls
I’m at a brick wall
Bedrock,hitting that bitch hard
They keep talmbout
The way he walk around so
Get off the tip of his pickle and balls
Caged in a maze of haze
I’m amazed I made it here
If todays the day, we’re supposed to raise and grace your ears
Cel-Man Iller, is a combo
Leading to a “Finish Him”
Double Tap Army, Flatbush Zombies
Off that bull crap and back to phat darlings
Hold on to the grip cause
I’m at the bottom of the barrell. Say what? X4
I am dumb
Who are you
Never heard
Are you new x4

Verse 2:

Up to the shins, my shoes in length is
Steel toe, heel, sole, high tops
Black on both of my walkers
Low cut
Ain’t no stripes nor tube socks
Genes only, jeans on me
Homie its in my DNA
Jeans hold these holy dreams
My dream, ethical and annihilate
So shut up
Kick back, re snack, and vibe to the music
Reassuring entertainment through this matrix of funky
Maybe the Lunda’s will front me
A couple hundred to upbring
My wallet from being hollow
Til i can tower my money so
Stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks
Incenerate the beat
Wads as fat as the nutt sack of the current rap emcee
Burning money like gas prices
My hatred for cash fights
This urgncy to extinguish the burnig pocket  that lime lining
(no that’s a joke, I’m broke.)
So shut up
Kick back, relax, and vibe to the music
People gone understand what i find theraputic
Don’t mess with none of these fails
Induce my capital hand
Misuse the truths in my head
Cowboy boots, i don’t do Vans

Veres 3:

Fabric on my swole back
Threads strapped
Leather me
Denim rhythm, soul patch
Rolex, Cherokee
Undereath this grown mans
Inches of his ground beef
Beaten oh so terribly
Always showing your whole
Always showing your moon
Full of your ignorance
Its redeemless
I mean this
I mean I nice this
NOICE, sharp as a knife, slice
Shorten your life or stunt it’s growth
I’m on fire and i’m fly
So refer to me as the Pheonix


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