Ok so here we go.
Hello everyone. My name is Mitsurugi Kazumaru the demon infested, schizophrenic, bi-polar young man also known as Cel-Man Iller (Anime styled pirate 22 year old, possessed by 6 old evil demons with unbelievable abilities in rapping skills, think Travis Touchdown/Scott Pilgram/Squall Leonheart/Metal Sonic hybrib).
This mixtape was my first solo/SOLO project aside from any other Peanut Butter Mech projects in a while since Persona 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
I had been recording a lot of songs for Peanut Butter Mech with the same old Slim Lo persona as in the past.
I wanted to dip out of my old monophonic style back with my Infinity Incomplete Institute Inc. Mixtape but that turned into another Slim Lo prodigy.
The first step of stepping out of that style was back in 2010 when KidEquip and I came into Kyobito Pt. 5 [Dream]
Though the Persona 5 mixtape got good reviews in my eye’s I still felt it lacking so I upped my game in later 2010 when I started to let myself slip back into my more darker state and not try to fight it and write about my experince of life through darker eye’s from my past that I had gotten out of in early 2010.
I released Charlie Sheen Status that got the attention of iTunes and then it seemed like all of my associates and affiliates in PBM as far as Producers had upped their game as well and collaborating became an awesome mix of swamp skunk soup of nasty funk dope shit!
So the sound may sound more Underground/Pop/Alternative/Experimental sound to it which I didn’t want a pop genre tagged on this project, especially it being my facelast Mixtape ever, but it fucking happened anyways so fuck it. But anyways, here is the mixtape! Enjoy! Download is free except Charlie Sheen Status due to the iTunes agreement, so it can only get purchased from there and all the support is appreciated much. It will go towards Peanut Butter Mech & Tha Herban Lyf Projects in the future. And possibly give me motivation to keep doing solo work.


P.S. The producer Zakum 41 is me as well.


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